Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Connecting the dots between my teaching, writing, and therapy

I think I'm developing a bit of a side niche here, and I'd like my friends/readers to help in its development. As I've mentioned, I'm on Betterfly.com now, promoting services as a creative and academic coach. Primarily, but not exclusively, I want to help students of the "mature" demographic to write effective papers and dissertations.

Another inspiration I had recently was to assist people with letter-writing. This is a vital tool, both to express one's feelings when face-to-face contact is just too overwhelming, AND to communicate expectations in the business world. Anyone remember Cyrano de Bergerac's intercession between his unrequited love Roxane and her true love interest, Christian?

Letter-writing is powerful when the sentences and paragraphs are skillfully crafted; otherwise, a communique can just get deleted from the email inbox, or sadly shredded...and thus a piece of someone's soul goes unacknowledged. There are just too many messages floating around in our world of media overwhelm -- making your message heard and understood by that other person is vital!

The same care needs to be taken with business letters, be they complaint letters about unsatisfactory service. Over the years, I've crafted "bitching" to a fine art, so that it has impact, but maintains dignity!

The actual letter is just one step in the actual process, and I can coach people in how to navigate the steps to being heard. Stay tuned online to hear more about this service...

In my work with seniors and their families, I find that writing in the early stages of decline can be beneficial. We hear of people making video recordings of their thoughts, to be passed along to succeeding generations. Shortly after a dementia diagnosis, while the senior still has the physical and cognitive ability, writing down one's thoughts in a simple journal could benefit the patient AND the family who sees them slipping away. Again, I'll have more information I'll share with my readers in future posts.

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