Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shopping, etc., at 7 AM (or as early as you can)

It's nice to beat the pre-Fourth of July crowds. True, it's a trade off, because instead of dodging people with carts full of beer and chips, you have to bob-and-weave around the crates and the the early morning crew stocking the shelves. The staff at the store today were pretty accommodating, and even said to me, "Just let us know if we're in the way."

I've always been an early riser, and I find it pays off in avoiding lines, waiting, and irritation. Patience has never been one of my major qualities, and I find trolling for parking around the ATM to be a major time-waster. Isn't it interesting that retired folks, or those with independent work schedules (like me)seem more likely to find the momentum to get up-and-at-'em before the 8 or 9 AM stampede? Far better to get home--or to your holiday destination--and let the rest of the town figure out which of the grocery lines are creeping along the "fastest."

As I hinted in my previous post, the universe doesn't graciously grant us time, nor do we happily "find" it. Running our lives like a business, we have to simply block it out, and take our appointments with ourselves (and our well-being) as seriously as we do the trips to the doctor or the office.

Again, enjoy the weekend! No -- savor it! That's my "assignment" to you all today.

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