Thursday, October 21, 2010

Postal (Dis)Service: When my elderly mother signs a delivery slip and has me attach it to the mail box for her annual delivery of two calendars from Miles Kimball. The slip gets picked up on 10-13-10, and the days tick by, as my mom sits patiently each day waiting for it to come (she needs to sign for this, too!). Mom has to sit in the living room, due to her limited mobility. She has called the local P.O., informed them that it takes her some time and effort to get to the door. This is supposedly "noted," and Mom is told to wait "anywhere between 8 AM and 5 PM." On 10-20-10, Mom calls up and is told that the package has been "sitting" in the Post Office all this time down the street. Today, I will go MYSELF to pick it up--all I need to do is present a signed letter releasing the package into my custody, and also my photo ID. If there are any further glitches, I'm prepared to raise appropriate hell.
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