Thursday, September 29, 2011

I was a social worker in another life, so here are some things for your consideration

I consider it both a responsibility and a pleasure to suggest that midlife persons investigate resources, such as the following, for their future well-being.

Please note: I do not have, or imply, any vested interest in the businesses listed below. I also do not assume any responsibility for any outcomes of any of my readers' transactions with these, or any similar businesses.

For Long-Term Care Insurance: Brian R. Kavanagh, Genworth Financial, 805-657-9559, We "boomers" are the "sandwich generation." While we are so busy caring for our young adult offspring--and for our aging loved ones, as well--we forget that we need to plan for the future. Brian is a very knowledgeable agent, as well as having a calming, reassuring demeanor. This is vital for those of us who may experience anxiety when we consider purchasing Long Term Care insurance, or any other contract which forces us to acknowledge that we (who may have gone by the credo "Don't trust anyone over 30") are not "immortal" or "invincible!"

For Financial Consultation: Shawn Francis, World Financial Group, 818-559-6367. In an age where real service and relationships in the financial services industry are rare, I have found both in Shawn Francis. I am appreciative of Shawn's knowledge of the potential financial vehicles available to mid-lifers like myself. Shawn's willingness to accommodate my busy schedule has been essential to me. He has been willing to sit and truly listen to my goals and concerns, and design a program that will address them, though he keeps a very busy schedule himself. I trust Shawn. He charges no fee for his services and while he is happy to serve the wealthy, his focus is on the everyday person and family that would otherwise be ignored by the industry, regardless of income. I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to speak with him.
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