Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Recommended Reading -- Lighter Material

I love working at my computer at this time. The sun is not yet up in the east, Handel's "Water Music" is wafting through the house (my version of a "sound system" is each room having a radio playing), and the coffee has finished brewing. A "Vanilla Cookie"-scented candle is on the dining room table, providing a soothing aroma and some light source. I grudgingly turn on a 60-year-old pin-up lamp so I can see my keyboard -- the only artificial light I permit in the morning.
In my office, a lavender and lilac candle burns to help my process. Tiggy, my feline sidekick, occasionally strolls over to commandeer my lap for as long as it suits her.

When a person is as busy as most of us are, the choice of leisure reading material should be a considered one. Here are my personal picks of magazines:

Ode: For Intelligent Optimists, and its online companion, Odewire: News for Intelligent Optimists. On the current issue's cover, "Viva la revolution! How the "Energy Internet" will Transform Political Power by Democratizing Green Power." Also, there are references to pieces about healthy living, and how families and groups have become important supports.

More: For Women of Style and Substance. I'm not usually a reader of "women's magazines," but this periodical has some practical, intelligently written pieces for us older gals, with topics including money management, regaining some of our physical energy, and reinventing ourselves professionally.

When I'm really needing some mental playfulness, I pore over my Mental Floss, the cover of which always assures us that this is "where knowledge junkies get their fix," and encourages us to "feel smart again." I also like to give this to my 86-year-old mom to read for her continued cognitive stimulation. Up this month: "25 Most Powerful Songs of the Past 25 Years. Tunes that Toppled Dictators, Won Gold Medals, Made Sewage Disappear."

Truthfully, I haven't yet gotten around to this issue, but that title alone beckons me...

Then there's Scientific American Mind: Behavior, Brain Science, Insights. The cover eye-grabber: "Great Idea! You Must be Dreaming: Creatively Solve Problems in Your Sleep."

I would invite my blog/FB page readers to let me know if you, too, have noticed at these magazines, and what you think of them. If not, take a look--at your newsstand or online.

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