Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nostalgia of hearth & home -- when homemakers were honored

The urge to blog these thoughts came unexpectedly, while I was rummaging around in the desk for a big envelope for Mom's use. Then, I came upon come long-forgotten treasures, reminiscent of female relatives long passed away, and of an era of our country when housewives didn't sheepishly say, "I don't work, I'm just a housewife," or use the current parlance, "stay-at-home-mom." Those of my mother's generation who were lucky enough to go to college, did so to become nurses, teachers...or to major in Home Economics, hopefully to marry and run a home and family.

Despite my own inclinations, I have an admiration for these ladies. They were truly managers of the homes we older folks grew up, felt safe and secure, and dreamed our dreams of the future...

There's the image above to start, but then I've created an online Facebook album of all the images, because I didn't feel right about omitting any of them. They are all fascinating.

I'll 'fess up to being -- still -- a decidedly un-domestic female! Growing up, I did Saturday chores while gritting my teeth, resented having to take cooking and sewing classes in junior high simply because I was a girl (I wanted to take drafting, instead), and was fortunate to find boyfriends and a husband who actually liked to do the cooking! How lucky was that? Do I perhaps give off a "cuisine-challenged" vibe?

I use the microwave as much as possible, and can't remember when I used my iron. On a rare occasion, I'll say to my family, "I think I'll bake/cook...", and their looks of consternation, bordering on panic, immediately register. When I start rattling around in the kitchen cupboards, everyone stays away. Sometimes, I think they're afraid I'll blow things up in there!

Many of you know that I'm a sucker for the historic, the vintage, the nostalgic. Also, in these "challenging times," (really, when has that not been the case?) there is a collective nesting instinct manifesting itself, a yearning for anything of the "home" archetype. And hard-core Sixties-child that I am, I'm right there, too!

Also, here's a few of Grandma's cosmetics, which I found in a zip-lock bag, where I found the cookbook. One of the silver tubes actually has lipstick that has survived almost a century.

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