Saturday, January 7, 2012


And now comes the "fun" part...combing through my email address book, and all the business/social sites I'm on, and updating my profile.

As of today, I've launched my two new websites:

To replace the antiquated, cluttered website for my psychotherapy practice, I can now be found at: I previously saddled myself with a rather cheerless domain name: (Yikes, what was I thinking when I chose that one??). With the end of this billing cycle coming up, I felt the time was long overdue to freshen up my image. further promote my writing, I've got a second web domain: I think of the careful use of language as a neglected skill, one that each of us--and civilization as we know it--needs to rescue before the art fades into oblivion. Sorry if that seems melodramatic, but it's my passionate belief.

Therapy. Teaching. Writing. My life.

It's now 10:17 PM, and except for seeing a couple of clients this afternoon, I've been laboring on Vistaprint's web self-design site most of the day. Tiggy is coming to my side at the desk, meowing and pleading for me to go to bed, as she does when I'm up too late.

So, it's off to bed, and up tomorrow in the early morn. Have a look at these sites when you can.


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