Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bartering, connecting, building a community

I need serious help. And I suspect I'm not alone.

In previous posts, I've talked about my proud steps toward being a DIY'er. And now I realize, with a big gulp of pride, that I can't do it all.

Yesterday, I saw an online piece about benefits of community bartering of needed goods and services, especially in our current economy. I am seriously considering this as a way to offload some of the tasks that I recently took on so zealously. I'll still do as much of the inside work as I can, and Mom's personal care -- but, *she grins sheepishly here* the lawn care is just too much, time-wise.

According to my online research, Burbank doesn't seem to have a barter club of any kind, and I'm willing to step up here and ask for local people to help me start one. To get this started, I'm willing to trade tutoring services to anyone who needs help with English classes, or anyone struggling with completing writing assignments. As an adjunct professor, believe me, the need for people to write well still exists, whether it's via pen-to-paper or keyboard media.
In exchange, I'm looking for a reliable person with lots of endurance to help with my beloved yard.

Here's one link that I found useful in my reading about bartering:

In addition to trading needed goods and services, bartering seems to be a great way to meet people one might not ordinarily. And done as an organized group, there would be accountability for the quality and equity of the exchanges.

So, thoughts from anyone, especially from Burbank?

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