Saturday, May 12, 2012


Okay, now that I got your attention, I'll explain.

I was raised by my dear, now 87-year-old mom to believe that, instead of one day on which the floral, candy, and restaurant industries make their major ka-ching, one should honor and care for one's mother every day. Not a very festive sentiment, of course, but an agreement that has worked for my mom and me for decades.

Here are a few ways I'm inclined to give my nod to the wonderful lady who's put up with my nonsense all these years:

1. Practical items! Instead of another bottle of cologne, or some knickknack to gather dust, this 2-way radio set has probably been the biggest hit of the year. Mom has gotten quite proficient in its use. It helps me keep tabs on her while I'm doing the yard work, and it beats her yelling, "Hello, hello, are you still here?" when I'm in my office in the back of the house. I get a laugh sometimes when she calls me on it, and then says, "Okay, I was just testing."

2. Her favorite foods. Tomorrow, she'll have some salmon filets I got from Trader Joe's, mashed potatoes, and some pecan ice cream. Remember the days when we had to coax our kids to eat? I've heard that seniors often have a decline in appetite, and now Mom is no exception. I'm often a long time in the grocery store, perusing the aisles looking for things that will be nutritious and appealing to her. All part of the loving caregiving, I guess.

3. Making the most of her remaining interests. On May 27, Mom will be fixated on her TV, for the Indy 500, as she has been every year without fail. This is a lady who, while she drove her 1966 VW Beetle, never drove the freeways, or exceeded 35 mph! No matter -- she loves the annual race, and I've begun stocking the pantry with snacks to make the occasion "her day."

I looked on YouTube for a special song to dedicate to my Mom. My readers would have to understand my mom's and my shared dark, edgy humor to know that much of what I found would not have captured our relationship. I did, however, like the following Beatles video, and it came the closest to my sentiments. So here it is:

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