Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Sending Out An SOS"

Even though this song isn't one with which my class of 1972 and I might immediately identify, I felt the need to hear it this morning.

I've been off my blog for quite a while, off Facebook, so many levels.

Harking back to the advice I give clients about self-care, I realize I need to do the same. Last evening, I "hit the wall." I don't care to elaborate, but right now I'm feeling kind of raw and vulnerable.

Just give me a little time, readers and friends, to regroup a bit. I'll be back soon, and, as the English say, be "right as rain." After all, lots of people depend upon me, and I can't let them down--any more than I already have. Making things right with myself will help me make things right with others.

It's all part of the life-learning experience.
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