Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh, post-reunion let-down! On what shall I obsess now??

Okay, so my knees and calves have fully recovered from my dance-floor antics of last Saturday night. The afterglow of seeing all my friends still lingers, and I can still get misty over all the love. FYI -- Basically shy person that I am, I'm NOT normally a hugger, but I decided to put this aside the other night, and I'm so glad I did.

Thank goodness for Facebook; I can really now make good on those inevitable "We must keep in touch" promises. In meetings of pre-FB past, especially ones amped-up with cocktails and emotions, they used to be whole-heartedly made, but then so quickly buried under everyday demands.

We are -- (with a sigh of reluctance here) and I am -- not getting any younger. Facebook will now hold me accountable to my grand promises.

Speaking of promises, there was one I made to my friends Susie, Marcy, and Dave (you surely know what I mean...wink, wink). Just want you folks to know I haven't forgotten, and will be sending this token to each of you, probably when you least expect its arrival. Hint: it involves my love of the written word.

This is my day off, and I'm lingering over coffee, wistfully listening to my 1972 music (again!), and finding ways to get back fully to my writing and Facebook page presence. As I mentioned a few posts back, I was recently feeling as if I'd lost my momentum. Just know that I've taken some private measures to get my "groove back," and think I've succeeded.

Two "tasks" will be catching up on some piled-up New Yorker issues, and also my long queue of recorded Charlie Rose segments. That way, it will be, as our childhood Highlightsmagazine covers proclaimed, "Fun With a Purpose."

One point to digress a bit: I have been meaning to delve again into the literature on my bookshelf -- Johnson, Whitman, Shaw, Woolf, and Shakespeare. Oh, and I can't exclude Jung. All were required reading at some point in my academic journey, but now they're all beckoning me to do another, more thoughtful read. I'm thinking that I should scour the used bookstores for inexpensive Shakespeare copies to complete my collection, as he's one of my historical heroes. With his relatively unschooled, but uncanny, insights into humanity, I think he would have made a damned good counselor.

Or a late-night talk show host. Or comedian. Consider a terrific source I found my morning's internet surf: Shakespeare Insults Dictionary:

So, enjoy today!

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