Sunday, August 19, 2012

The "prom" is over, but I suspect we've only just turned a page...

At about 12:35 this AM, I got home and sent Mom's caregiver away. Mom had groused mightily about my having engaged a "babysitter" for her, but too bad. They apparently had a terrific time, sitting in the living room, discussing the state of the world, and coming up with solutions to all its problems,..all while Chuck and I were partying at the Pickwick, as we hadn't in so long. "We" meaning the two of us...and I suspect others in the BHS class of 1972. Oh, sure, the little kids now populating the high school were off doing their own shenanigans somewhere, but we boomers have the better view of life, in my opinion. Am I right, or what?

As I begin to type this, it's 7:57 AM, and I'm the only one up (even Tiggy's laying low), with my black coffee as my only company. We were so wound up earlier, we didn't retire until roughly 3 AM (the last time I consciously saw those red digital numbers, anyway). I know I'm going to pay for my sleep deprivation later on, but I'll deal with that then.

OMG, just where to I begin to capture the experience of last night? Forgive me if much of what comes out sounds overly-sentimental, or cliche. I got moved to tears at a few points...some (formerly!) "mean girls" coming up and profusely explaining that they had hoped, for decades, that they'd have an opportunity to make amends to me...all the "you look great" compliments (and yes, back atcha, because I think we all cleaned up well, and did ourselves proud)...the hugs...the precious chances to be able to say (again) "let's keep in touch."

This time, I, for one, am sincere about that last remark. Seeing the touching photos of departed classmates, and trading anecdotes about where we've been/what we've done, has given me a renewed sense of urgency.

I'm usually so good with words, but they're failing me now. So let me take a rain check, and as other thoughts come to me, they'll be sure to appear here.

Now, for more coffee...and to nurse my aching calf muscles. Dancing with my dear Chuck and my old pals put some serious cramps in my legs!

Love to you all!! And here's some music to try to capture my feelings:

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