Wednesday, September 19, 2012

22,716 Cups of Coffee (a conservative estimate)

It's 9:27 AM on my day off, and I'm not happy.

My faithful five-year-plus Kitchen Aid coffee maker has apparently decided to go haywire on me, so off to the local store I go for a replacement.

The link above will show the closest representation to mine. Mine, however, is bright red, and was a graduation present from my Mom when I presented my doctoral defense. The figure cited in this post's title is what I arrived at by calculating 5 years, 2 months, and 8 days of EVERYDAY brewing, adjusting for leap years (2008 & 2012), and also times when I filled the water carafe to the 14-cup level (obviously anticipating a tougher-than-usual day!).

Okay, no cracks from anyone! I'm admittedly a bit obsessive about any details, and the fact that I could arrive at these figures with some of my mother's (ewww!) instant coffee should give me some slack.

I'm a coffee purist, and the years of having the freshly-brewed, unadulterated, black rocket fuel has spoiled me. I wasn't planning on going out of the house on my day off, but this is a real emergency!! Not to mention that my gentleman friend is my equal in caffeine passion, and since I anticipate his arrival soon, to be without a coffeemaker is a serious lack.

I will unplug my current appliance, and put it to one side for my son to look at at his next visit. If he can revive it, he can have it, along with the replacement carafes, unless they fit my new one.

Before I go on my urgent quest, I leave you with songs from Cream and Frank Sinatra:

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