Sunday, March 24, 2013

Need a Jump Start

My "turbo-charged rocking chair" got bogged down recently, and it's way past time I got out of the ditch. Writing, research, posting, keeping up with social media--all of these were life-affirming pursuits. I allowed competing urgencies--Mom's non-stop care, my career pursuits, and recently, relationship difficulties--to rob me of these lifelines. I still have some grand ambitions driven by passion, and I want so much to get that libidinous life juice back again.

Part of the rejuvenation will be a re-establishment of my boundaries, something I'm always encouraging in my clients. My "rocking chair" has been stuck in reverse; no wonder it has stalled. I acted as if all I needed to do is get everyone else around me tended to, and then, and only then could I allow myself to sit down in my office to breathe. Resentment and irritation was building up, and even seemed to be seeping out my pores. Yikes!

I've found my very own prime time for now -- 4:30 AM. The soft beeping of my cell phone nudges me awake. Once I've given Tiggy her kibble, and brewed up my black coffee, I have a precious window of about 90 minutes before I'm expected to do any routine caregiving. Sitting in the soothing pre-dawn dark of my office, lit by the glowing screen, with the classical radio station on, I'm easing into today.

The vision for my life includes my therapy practice, of course, and teaching online psychology classes. I would also really, really like to complete those writing projects that have long been in draft limbo on my hard drive. Then, there might be some freelance projects in my future. Once I get started, I'm confident I'll regain, and ramp up, my momentum. Kind of like Stella getting "her groove back" in that 1998 film. In fact, I would love nothing more than to have this humble little house become the humming command center for my world -- providing a stable work space, a place to rest, to welcome friends, and then to venture forth renewed...

I'm back.

An offering for my readers -- one of my Sixties favorites from the Chambers Brothers:

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