Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 11: Thoughts of the Garden, Our Anniversary & Mother's Day

It's too early to bug people with phone calls, and paper work can wait. No clients till mid-afternoon.

Last evening, while enjoying my House reruns, I tried to hop on my recumbent bike and pedal, as part of my efforts to recover my right knee mobility. Alas, my knee would not yet allow even one cautious turn, dammit!

So, I decided earlier that today was the day to carefully venture out into my long-neglected back garden and do some work. No bending, and definitely no kneeling to carve out weeds, but certainly it's okay to clip off the dead roses and make room for more blooms. I'll just fill up a green barrel and let Eric deal with it when he visits next week. And where's the harm of dragging the hose to different spots and allowing the fountainhead sprinkler to rescue the poor, parched areas? It's time.

Being outside was an immediate mood boost, with the mild temperature and a clear sky. I thought of a Young Rascals song I loved while back at John Muir Junior High (it wasn't "middle school" then).

I remembered then that today would have been our 30th wedding anniversary. Given that we married in a small, quiet rite in a friend's home--breaking the news to family and friends afterward--the day has been celebrated in my private thoughts ever since.

Lyle liked my gardening pursuits, so what better way to honor this day, and his memory, than to reacquaint myself with the out of doors? And he also liked this Rascals song.

I also wanted to share an image of my son's Mother's Day gift. He, and everyone else who's close to me, knows well my unpopular distaste for the whole holiday, and bless him, he still feels he has to "get me something" to alleviate his social guilt. The offbeat humor of this token won my heart, and I welcomed his sentiment:

Now, I have to figure out where to display it. (Haven't moms throughout time had the same thought about the sweet little knickknacks they get each May?)

I'm in a better mood than I've been for quite a while. Now, to savor those rose petals...

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