Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ugh! Crash landing.

I've been doing pretty well since my knee surgery last Friday, thanks to good doctors, good supportive help at home, and good meds.

Last night, however, I think I hit bottom, hard.

The pain began at about 6:30. Strange, though, it wasn't in my knee. I had fiery ache (the only way I can describe it) all neck, my shoulders, my right arm, my back. It was all I could do to get up from my seat (after contemplating it with dread for about five minutes) and drive home (2.2 miles) with extra caution (by now it was about 7:30, and traffic had thinned out).

Easing myself into bed soon after, I fell into a sleep meant to escape discomfort, and then awoke at 3 AM. My Ultram bottle reads, "Take one tablet every 4 hours for mild pain, and 2 every 6 hours for moderate to severe pain."

Two it had to be.

I'm not a habitual user of analgesics, and the fact that it's now 11:53 AM, and I'm still a little fuzzy. Thank goodness Esmeralda is here to help with Mom, and it's my regular day off.

Postoperative pain/recovery. Great, two more subjects to google obsessively. As much as I love Google Scholar, I'm just not up to the heaviness of some of the material today, and then my search could extend to the other end of the readership (Ladies' Home Journal, etc.).

This episode is another reminder that I'm not invincible. Gee, it was only outpatient knee surgery. Whiny, wuss, drama queen...labels I don't like to assume. I think the answer is to just dial back the pace a bit, as one of my Facebook friends and former high school pals had gently suggested.

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