Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coming Up: The "New-and-Improved" (?) Turbo-Charged Rocking Chair

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Following up on my previous post, I need to rethink my order of business.

Due to the demands of my current family life, and recent developments in my health, I need to reconfigure my social media presence into something leaner and more focused.

I will be shutting down my website to expand my efforts on this blog and my Facebook page. Writing is my passion, and competing life demands have interfered with my pursuit of it. I want to expand it from being more of a hobby to being one of my serious contributions to my generation and the future.

Aside from my therapy practice, my main goal has been to optimize the pace at which I work from home. The wish to become "rich and famous" has been adjusted to "comfortable and solvent."

In the days ahead, I will be seeking more social media followers, and hope to gather more than just "lookers." Among other things, I want to pose survey questions, and generate real dialogue among boomers. Monologues are tiresome over time; I want this to become a chorus. As a cohort, we have a wealth of experience and opinions, so let's use it.

Stay tuned, and let me know what you think.

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