Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I've been feeling pretty good about the spin I've been able to put on recent personal events.

The recent physical challenges have helped me to refocus on how precious my life is, and how making some simple changes can help safeguard what really matters to me.

There are bumps in the road, make no mistake. I recently lost about 6 - 7 pounds, and had (I thought) shaken my hardcore coffee habit. I responded to some recent stressors by relapsing, and so I'm back with the program.

Emotional stress, my nemesis...the times when I get irritable, and think, "Dammit, it's been a crappy day. I deserve that (fill in the blank with a current craving)." The problem isn't solved, and I then hate myself for using something high caloric as an oral fix.

The other day, after my latest physical therapy session, I got to thinking about how it might benefit me to take up yoga. I began a couple of basic classes in 2005, a few days before pericarditis and pneumonia put me in the hospital for five days. Then I never returned to the yoga studio. I'm ashamed to confess that "stress management" has not been a consistent practice in my life. I "know" the basic practices, and even preach it to my clients, but it's something that I run hot and cold about.

And yet, it's not a coincidence that my body is feeling the effects of my mind-overdrive. I weigh more than I ever have in my life, and it's not helping the other conditions to heal. So I can no longer afford to be careless; the consequences have already begun to show themselves.

YouTube has a number of "senior yoga" videos, and I was doing some of the chair exercises before I started this post. Here's one: javascript:void(0);

Hey, it's a start. Provided I take it easy, and run this by my doctor and physical therapist, I hope that it will help my flexibility. Flexibility could combat stiffness, and make me feel less like "a cripple."

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