Sunday, July 28, 2013

Straight ahead, and NOT side-to-side

I figure, so far, I've learned how to walk three different times in my life.

Of course, there was that first launch before my earliest memory. Apparently, I mastered that pretty well.

Then, at about 21, following the break-up of my first engagement, I decided to reinvent myself in order to get back into the dating pool. At John Robert Powers, I was taught how "to float" with model-like graceful posture. Again, there was good-enough success.

The third walking lessons have been recently, at the hands of my physical therapist. Without being fully aware of it, I developed quite a full-on limp following my March 28th knee injury. Not only did I favor my right knee, I also began to do a sideways wobble with each step. Not pretty.

Two weeks ago, my physical therapist had me walk up and down in front of a full-length mirror. Clad in my shorts and warm-weather top, I saw an unflattering view of all *** pounds of me, with the florescent lighting accenting every bit of evidence of my post-injury-inactivity flab. This session was painful in many senses of the word.

Heather showed me how to purposefully step out onto my full foot, not tip-toeing as I had been doing. During the same office visit, Heather showed me how to begin walking confidently again up and down stairs--alternating the steps, rather than doing the tentative two-feet-to-a-step maneuver of many older folks.

And so it goes. I've been without my companion The Cane for almost three months, and now I'm beginning to imagine my life as it was at the beginning of the year.

Since my onset of rheumatoid arthritis seems concurrent with my knee injury, I've been seriously pursuing a more thoughtful lifestyle. In order to both lose this extra weight AND combat inflammation which would interfere with my plan to live past 100, I have been doing much online research regarding a diet which would help with this inflammation. As it turns out, many of the recommended foods are also favorites of mine, including Greek yogurt, nuts, broccoli, and berries. So eating right shouldn't be too hard. I tried my hand at cooking kale the other day, and found it a bit too bitter for my taste. Shortly thereafter, I found some smoothie recipes using kale and various kinds of fruit, and found this much more tasty.

Until very recently, I used to scoff at people who rested during the day, but have now joined the ranks of those who "power-nap." I just make sure I set the alarm on my phone, and voila! A respite of 20- 30 minutes does wonders to de-stress me and clear my mind. I feel like a new woman.

Like a vintage automobile, I just need to make sure I get the right maintenance to keep on running.

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