Sunday, October 13, 2013

I hit my reset button

Yesterday's ups and downs were what I needed to get myself out of the rut I was in.

I've never been one for memorial services (sometime I'll tell you just what I want to happen to my old bones), but yesterday's tribute to Sharon was beautiful. She lived a busy life of sharing with others, and a massive display in the church social hall was evidence of this. Memorabilia from her SWE (Society of Women Engineers), photos from travels with her kids to experience archeological digs or solar eclipses, articles expressing appreciation for the MANY causes for which she tirelessly volunteered before and after her was beyond impressive.

I knew Sharon for so many years, but to hear her story retold through the eyes of those whose lives she touched more than enhanced my appreciation. It gave me pause to consider what kind of life I'm living, and just how others will remember me. It's often the case that we do New Year's resolutions, or mark other days with some self-reflection, but now I'm considering the benefits of ongoing checks, kind of like the auto-spell check on my computer. I want to hold myself to a higher level of accountability.

The flip side of taking myself very seriously is the wonderful gift of laughing at myself with old friends. It was such a gift to see a small group of the BHS class of 1972 last night, and see again just how our lives have unfolded. The photo above was a joke posted to FB for the benefit of one of our own. That's me peeking around the door in the green shirt. Ah, I love these people!

So, on with my life, hopefully in a more thoughtful and joyous frame of mind.

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