Wednesday, December 4, 2013

59. Whatever.

Yes, my dears, I'm 59 today. That leaves me another 41 years (more if I'm lucky) to meander around life, and see how I can leave my mark on the world.

My Facebook friends, most of whom are also old Burbank High pals, have been overwhelming me with their lovely birthday-wish posts. One thing that I've come to appreciate is the friendship and company of others -- these former classmates; my colleagues, former and present; my family; my current tenant; my neighbors; my teachers and professors in my higher education. Looking back into my teens and early twenties, I was quite moody and resistant to others' companionship, and I can only regret the amount of time I wasted in being such a loner.

So, anyway, today came, and I reflected back on birthdays past -- 13, 18, 21, 25, 40, and 50. Some were bittersweet, others spectacularly fun. All I care about now is this moment. So, even if 59 isn't one of those ones usually seen as a milestone, I don't mind. The future still beckons...

Originally, I'd considered calling off work on "My Day," but then asked myself "Why?" On my way there--the only day in the week I leave the Burbank city limits for business purposes--I found the I-5 nicely uncrowded, so I applied a bit of pressure to the accelerator. Speeding along, and pushing various preset radio buttons, I was struck by what I heard.

First was a ad spot for a local hospice, complete with sweetly maudlin piano music in the background. As the primary caregiver for my mother, I recognize and honor the work these people do. It's just that I didn't want to hear this material on this particular morning. Click...

On the next preset station, KRTH-101 (first broadcasting, by the way, during that wonderfully significant year of 1972), was Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky." Don't get me wrong, this is among some of my all-time favorites. Again, though, I didn't want to be reminded of dying...not today...

Finally, on "The Sound," KSWD-100.3, the brash challenge of Pat Benatar, "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," provided just the right sentiment. Now I was ready to face...whatever!

The morning wouldn't have been complete, though, without the comedy segment, "Laughter at 45 After," (yes, at 7:45)about teenage girls, texting, and the comic's fear of being seen as a "creepy guy in a van."

It was a light day, and so I actually got home about an hour earlier than usual. Mom and caregiver Esmeralda were finishing dinner. Mom asked me, "How old are you today?" Ever the smart-aleck, I replied, "59, Mom, and I'll be that tomorrow, too." Mom: "Really?" She was quite taken aback, and continued to ruminate on this up to bedtime.

Oh, was a good day in any case. If I don't attach any inordinate importance to my age, it won't be an obstacle.

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