Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Comedy -- Rx for Grumpiness in Aging

I love my House and Law and Order reruns, but as of last night, I'm taking a serious break from them.

My gentleman friend had the TV tuned to Comedy Central the other night, and we were delighted to see Gabriel Iglesias doing some wonderful material, which I found both hilarious and totally not subtle. One segment:

As if we did not have enough laughter to make our sides sore, we then were treated to Bill Cosby in his wonderful performance, "Far from Finished."

It's occurred to me that I've convinced myself that I'm so busy, that I've almost forgotten how to laugh, including at this absurdity called my life.

I'm starting to keep a resolution from last New Year's that I was going to make the time to read more. Recently, I finished a delightful, heart-warming book, God and Mr. Gomez, which I had heard about for years. After awakening from a recent, detailed dream about how I'm going to refurbish my 1922 Burbank home, I had the compelling thought that I had to get this book and read it now. So, even before I made my 5 AM coffee, I was at the computer, summoning up the genie Amazon to place my order.

Growing up, I faithfully read Jack Smith's column every day before going to school. His gentle, folksy humor has always been an inspiration to me, and I mourned when the Los Angeles Times published news about his death in 1996. Now that I read the story about Smith's association with Mr. Gomez, I found I have a new obsession. As I write this, I am awaiting delivery of one of his other books, How to Win a Pullet Surprise: The Pleasures and Pitfalls of our Language, and also a tribute called Eternally Yours, a collection of some of Smith's columns.

Levity is long overdue, and I intend to relish it as much as possible.

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