Sunday, January 26, 2014

Carrying On

I'm sharing the above because of the unexpected effect it's having on me right now. And the fact that Mozart's Requiem is streaming online as I write this underscores my thoughts.

Mom has subscribed to this publication for probably the past 40 years. She has quietly, privately, and consistently held to her own beliefs in God, and has found the daily passages to be of comfort and inspiration to her. When her subscription came up for renewal not long ago, I did not hesitate to renew it for her.

Since recent events, however, Mom really doesn't read anymore.

Still, the bimonthly little packet keeps arriving without fail, and I now find myself its holder and daily reader.

Today, I found myself unexpectedly moved to some tears as I recalled images of Mom sitting on her bed each morning, regardless of how busy she was, reading that day's page.

I found yesterday's page especially applicable to her life--and mine--right now, and the transitions that seem to be occurring day by day. I'm aware that not all my readers consider themselves spiritual, or that they do so in their own ways. With love and the best intentions, however, I offer this page for your consideration:

My love to all of you as you move through your own transformations.
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