Saturday, February 8, 2014

Treasure-Hunting in Mom's Closet

My phases usually strike in the early morning, fueled by dreams or vague ideas shaped in the first waves of morning consciousness. And they have occurred at regular intervals over the past couple of years.

They are my rearranging of anything in my path or field of vision -- pictures, furniture, curios. The only "thing" that escapes me is Tiggy, who usually runs for safety behind the couch until the whirlwind passes.

I'm currently on the hunt for a couple of wall-hangings that were among the many my mother and grandmother did in the 1970s, during that craft's height in popularity. Once I find the one with Nippper,the RCA dog staring into the gramaphone, it will be prominently displayed on a living room wall, and the one with the grandfather clock retired to the storage box. My astrology-adherent friends would say my Sagitarrius longing for change is being expressed; I think I'm tired of the visual status-quo, and just want to freshen up the living room.

Rummaging through the catacombs of a certain walk-in closet was a heart-warming trip back into family history. The above box, musty cardboard in remarkably great shape, has a trove of knitting needles of every size. Looking at them, I can transport myself to our old living room in Kenmore, New York, or to the end of Mom's bed, as I watched, mesmerized, as Mom's rhythmically created sweaters, Christmas stockings, or afghans. No matter the family calamity of the moment, Mom's knitting needles provided me a sense of continuity and stability.

Another box contained a miniature library of how-to booklets -- how-to make pillows, pom-poms, as well as Mom's unfilled wish, "Sewing for Little Girls." Bless her heart, Mom tried her best to make me a girly, domestic female, but it didn't quite take the form she imagined. My interests have always gone more toward pursuits like gardening or carpentry.

I've got some more nooks and crannies to search for the elusive latchhook, but I will find it before the day is over. Stay tuned for a picture of it.
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