Sunday, March 9, 2014

Learning a New Lexicon

Often, magazines like AARP Magazine and others suggest "learning new things" as a way to keep one's brain sharp. For example, there's taking an art class at the local Parks and Recreation center, or becoming more fluent in Spanish at adult school. Well, my brain should be really stoked come the end of the year, if I can successfully navigate my latest adventure.

*Drum roll, please* My newest obsession is my long-overdue, very-needed home renovation. Not merely a vanity exercise of seeking matching pillows and drapes, this project will involve addressing things like replacing the original 1923 wiring, installing energy-efficient windows (to eliminate the draftiness and cut my utility bills), and finally installing air conditioning. Seriously, I don't think I can survive another summer, nor have friends or business contacts visit, when the temperature tops 90 degrees in the living room. I also can't endure being embarrassed over the appearance of cracked tile in the kitchen and bathroom.

I also seek to maximize the 1,300 square-foot space by knocking out three walls.

"Down to the studs," joists, load-bearing. These are only a few of the terms I've learned in the past 30 days while interacting with various professionals related to this endeavor. I already knew knob-and-tube wiring from growing up in a home with my electrician father.

In addition to my presence on Pinterest, including my board "For my 1923 vintage house," I've gotten hooked on Houzz, and plan to use this as yet another resource for revamping Casa Cascadden. I pre-record and watch HGTV and DIY networks whenever I can, including "Rehab Addict" with Nicole Curtis.

And, to add to the fluency in Construction-ish, I've downloaded an online construction dictionary, to assist me in being an informed and intelligent home improver.

Take a look at my profiles below, if you will: Follow this link to see more of my evolving thoughts on my project.

And, first and foremost, it's important to me that the home's 1923 vintage character be preserved and enhanced. Stay tuned for eventual "Before" and "After" views. It's time for Casa Cascadden to be escorted into the 21st century as the grande senora that she is.
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