Friday, March 28, 2014

Old-looking, slightly distressed, but still beautiful

No, I'm not describing myself at the moment.

This is about my latest obsession. A set of rolling kitchen shelves, to be exact...four casters, a frame, and three spacious shelves should do it.

While I'm waiting, impatiently, to commence work on my house, I'm taking pleasure in finding inspiration wherever I can. TV shows. Magazines. Catalogs. Impromptu reconnaissance missions, like this afternoon's visit to Pasadena's Restoration Hardware store.

I'm sure I could easily pick up an easily-to-assemble unit at one of the mid-range stores, but the thought of putting a particle-board, or worse, plastic thingy in a kitchen that I've crafted to be rustic Spanish--appalling!

At 4 PM today, I saw it -- my inspiration, at Restoration Hardware. Yes, it was in the form of a coffee table, but it had the appealing distressed-looking wood top. And I didn't dare look at the price. Restoration Hardware is a gorgeous dream store, but it's way out of my league, price-wise. But, hey, there are no monopolies on dreams...the faded tint of the wood was just right, sigh...

Adding to my nostalgia-driven decision process was the 1920s music playing over the store's sound system...a very savvy marketing technique, if you think about it. I was carried away, swaying to the music of another time.

So my solution? Build my shelf unit myself! Time to visit my local Home Depot to get some advice, and bum the nail gun from a good friend. I'll take some measurements, and put together a sketch in the notebook that's getting filled up with all my projects. I've already looked up prices of casters, and addresses of some recycled lumber businesses where, hopefully, I won't be laughed at when I go in and ask just how much (or little) wood I need. But I can also tell them about the wood I'll need for the floor patch when the floor heaters get taken out.

Seems do-able, and fun.

And that in-store music really got to me. I've been listening to it for the past couple of hours. Here's some to share:

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