Thursday, March 20, 2014


The way I feel with my new "bod" is having some unexpected ripple effects.

Resolved: to ditch my overly-long, circus-tent skirts, and buy some of those sleek pencil skirts! And soon! There! It's on record on the internet. No backing down now.

In my travels the other day, I saw a woman who, shall we say, has a shape not unlike mine. She was wearing a pencil skirt -- and a pretty damned short one at that! And she, as Rod Stewart would croon, "wore it well."

So, I thought, what am I doing hiding behind my old rags? I'm seeing women of all ages, and shapes, stepping out and being bold. Even my favorite magazine, More, aimed at a "mature woman's" readership, is showing some good-looking threads.

And isn't that a lot of what I've been talking about in my blog posts -- boldness and confidence?

The TV ads for Ross, Burlington, and TJ Maxx are calling to me, louder all the time.

Since I'm pushing toward some new goals in 2014, it's time to step forward -- in colorful revenge beauty. And with my new red lipstick, which garnered quite a few compliments yesterday.

Maybe I'll post some pics soon.
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