Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rethinking my Stewardship

I've been considering shutting down my Facebook professional page for some time, and today I have taken that step. Perhaps, in the future, when the dust settles in other areas of my life and I can rethink some of my goals, I will bring back "The Turbo-Charged Rocking Chair" with a sharper focus.

Life and time is increasingly precious for me. Even when leaving Mom's caregiving out of the equation, I'm finding myself vacillating between the two extreme states of being either in frantic motion or exhausted unconsciousness.. So lately, I've been considering the parable of the stewards in Luke 16:1-13. I want to maximize every moment, and get more done without feeling that I have to sacrifice accuracy--or more importantly, my physical and emotional health. Perhaps the concepts of mindfulness and efficiency might be useful here.

I owe this to God, my family, my friends, my profession--and to myself.

I wish you all a blessed and productive day.
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