Friday, June 12, 2015

Stuff I like about Littleton

On June 30th, I will mark two months since I rolled into Denver, and on July 4th (interesting coincidence), I will have been two months as a official Littleton resident. It's been a physically-demanding, emotionally-laden short span of time.

People might say I'm still in the "honeymoon phase," and that's fair enough. Some say, "Oh, yeah, but just wait for the winters." Okay, I'll grant you it's been 52 years since I was transplanted from Kenmore, NY to Burbank, CA, but I'm going to be trolling the stores soon for a real winter coat, and investing in some heavy-duty boots. What do you think...should I go to Sheppler's for some Western footware? Given the leeway I have with my attire, both personally and professionally, I'm kind of tempted to go this route.

Another thing I'm loving is the overall friendliness and level of civility I've felt since "day one." Seldom has a day gone by that I haven't gotten a heartfelt "Welcome to Colorado" from someone at a store, at church, or anywhere. Recently, I got a library card from the Columbine library, and I was impressed by how patrons were actually adhering to the prominently posted "Disturbance Policy." On my way out to my car, I held the door for a young woman, who reminded the two girls with her to "say thank you to the lady." How's someone teaching children proper manners.

During my first week in Littleton, and my first shopping trip at King Soopers, I allowed a father and son, who had two items in hand to proceed in line, since I had a full cart. They were overwhelming in their expression of their appreciation and waved as they left the store. Then, when I started to check my groceries out, the checker told me that the father had left a $10 bill with him toward my total...I was so touched!

Another "valentine" goes out to the Colorado DMV on Prince Street. Yes, you read that right. For about five weeks, I've been the proud bearer of a Colorado Driver License (with a not-too-bad picture, either!), a Colorado auto registration, and my car is sporting the common white-mountains-green-background plates. Also, I'm a registered voter here now, too. And, guess what...the total time I spent here was under two hours for everything! I went into this neat, quiet, carpeted building, and found a DMV office that's about one-quarter the size of the one I used to frequent in Glendale. There I worked a touch-screen, got a numbered ticket, and waited comfortably with others on long, ergonomic benches that seemed almost like church pews. The sound level was comfortable, and the efficiency with which the patrons were processed was impressive.

Next to receive kudos is Ace Hardware, near King Soopers in the nearby Coal Mine Shopping Center. Yes, I've been in some of the Home Depots and Lowes here, but there's something comforting about a place where staff greets you, and actually asks what they can help you find! They have a Customer Service department in back, and they repaired one of my lamps that, unfortunately, was one of the casualties of my move. They replaced the broken socket, and now it's a three-way lamp. Success. I've got a Ace Rewards card, and every time I purchase a suction-cup soap holder for the shower, or some Command hangers, I feel good.

Ditto with Moore & Sons, a three-generation furniture repair firm. One of my antique chairs got dropped, with a leg getting broken off and a chuck of wood sheared from the side. It's a heavy piece, and wouldn't fit in my car. They were very accommodating about coming to my home and picking the chair up on a weekend, and hopefully, I can get it back it a few weeks. The online reviews were reassuring that the Moores will take good care of this heirloom piece.

After doing a late-night cruise through the Aspen Grove marketplace on Santa Fe Drive, I concluded the stores were more than a tad too trendy and boutique-y for my taste. Even though I'm not yet inclined to do any shopping (except in fall for the previously-mentioned cold-weather clothes), I'll be likely to be found on Wadsworth Avenue...turn to the left off my street, and Wadsworth will take you to outdoor recreational spots. Turn right, and you have several miles of all dining, shopping, and cinematic businesses. My "outlaws" had a great time taking it all in a few weekends ago, and had a great time with the view.

Pierce Avenue...turn to the left, and I'm at my church within five minutes. Turn right, and I'm up at my favorite shopping center for groceries or hardware. Go further near Bowles, and I'm at the park where the Columbine Memorial is, and the Columbine Library.

A lot of the street names here are picturesque...Coal Mine, Wood Sorrell, Progress, Alamo...I like to see them when I'm out "sploring," which I used to say as a little kid. I don't think, however, I'd like to live on Jack Ass Hill Road, despite the lovely condos that are there.

That's my long story for short, I'm happy to be here.